Meet our Clergy Leaders

The Bishop of the Diocese of the Rio Grande
The Rev. Michael Buerkel Hunn
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vicarChloe Chavez, vicar (PhD.)
Chloe has been the vicar of this mission since January 2015. Chloe preaches the gospel for every day life. She applies Scripture to current life situations and circumstances. She challenges people to grow in faith and knowledge and to live lives that are authentic to Christ’s calling. She believes deeply in the power of prayer, healing and God’s guidance. She has taught criminology at Radford University and ITT-Technical Institute, and serves on many not-for-profit boards and ministries. She champions the power of God in daily life, and the power of prayer for healing and guiding. Chloe’s favorite link:
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Ted Curtis, assisting priest (D.Min.)
Ted’s passion is bringing the New Testament community and witness alive for us today. He has been on governing boards for national and local peace and justice initiatives, and has served as a leader in the contemplative prayer movement. He also has a ministry as an interim pastor for church communities in transition. Ted’s favorite link:
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